Monday, October 22, 2012

My first Box Break!!!

     After selling my first card on Ebay, a 2012 Topps Skip Schumaker Squirrel SP card, I decided to reward myself by joining a group box break hosted by The Daily Dimwit.  Feeling really adventurous I took a chance on the Nationals, knowing that 2 of the 3 boxes were from the early 90's and I would be stuck with all the Expos cards from those boxes!  The final box was a 2012 Topps Triple Thread so basically I spent $20 on the opportunity to pull a Strasburg or Harper.  I didn't like my odds but I defiantly like the idea of spending $20 for the chance to get some great TTT cards rather than the $190 it would take a buy the box.  Was it worth it?  YES!!!!  Not because I pulled great cards (I didn't) but the excitement of watching the packs being opened online.  I'm kinda embarrassed by how excited I was.  I would look forward to watching the YouTube video every night of the break.  
     So my total take in the break were (2) 2001 Absolute Memorabilia cards, #145 Jose Vidro and #139 Fernando Tatis.  

      Both are available in case there are any big Expos fans out there. Just e-mail me and they are yours.  No big hits for me this time but a lot of entertainment value!  Thanks to the Daily Dimwit for a great experience!