Thursday, November 1, 2012

2012 Allen & Ginter's Blaster Pack

     The Wifey needed some cough and cold medicine for the kids so we stopped by the local Fred Meyers.  We took a short cut to the medicine aisle which so happens to go right by the card aisle! Lucky me!!!!  After looking at my options for a little while I decided on a Blaster Pack of 2012 Allen & Ginter's.  My only other A&G cards that I have were purchased when I got 4 packs on the LCS's Trade  Night.  I'm kinda split on these cards.  I like the addition of non sports stars and celebrities but the style of the set just doesn't work for me.
     So how did it go?  Well I have found out that each set now has about 1 billion different subsets, variations, SP's, and backs.  It's pretty confusing for the old beginner but thanks to the interweb I now have a slight understanding.
     Let's get to the cards!

     28 Base cards -
14 Nick Markakis
17 Lonnie Chisenhall
19 Bob Knight

24 Paul Goldschmidt
32 Ben Zobrist
53 Hisashi Iwakuma
64 Mat Latos
78 Joe Mauer
91 Grady Sizemore
119 Asdrubal Cabrera
129 Michael Phelps
135 Michael Morse
137 George Brett

141 Vance Worley
142 Jose Reyes
173 Jay Bruce
223 CC Sabathia
226 Jim Thome
242 Alfonso Soriano
245 Hank Haney
258 Doug Fister
263 Jason Motte
265 Chris Parmelee RC
275 Kerry Wood
277 Jesus Montero RC
290 Derek Holland
293 Cliff Lee
294 Elvis Andrus
       I did like getting the Bob Knight card since I went to Indiana University for a year so that one was a nice pick up.  Now on the the Short Prints!

     4 Short Prints (1:2)
301 Adron Chambers RC
317 Jason Heyward

320 Jonathan Papelbon
340 Marty Hogan
     Nothing too special here.  My brother likes the Braves so maybe I should send him the Heyward.

     1 Historical Turning Points (1:8)
HTP14 The Emancipation Proclamation

     1 World's Tallest Buildings (1:8)
WTB10 MetLife Building

     1 Baseball Highlight Sketches (1:8)
BH-16 David Freese

     4 What's in a Name (1:2)
WIN-11 Torii Hunter
WIN-24 Ian Kinsler
WIN-39 Monty Irvin
WIN-63 Rod Carew
      I DO NOT LIKE THIS INSERT!!!!!  UGG!!!!  I don't care what's in their name....

     2 (actually 1) Murder of Willow Cove (1:8)
Lennie Guttman
     Actually on second look, the other card is just an advertisement for the crack the code game...  that just sucks.

     1 Pennant Ad Card
Milwaukee Brewers
    What a waste....

     Now on to the Minis!!!!!  Something I do like about this set!!!!

     2 Base Minis (1:1 mini based card)
134 David Freese
218 John Danks
     If I was going to start collecting an insert set, this would be it.  They are just fun looking bite sized cards.  Too bad it would take a long time.  Maybe that's a good thing.  I do need a collecting goal...

     1 Base Minis SP (1:13)
325 Frank Robinson

     Yeah another Red!!!

     2 Base Minis Ad Back (1:5)
74 Johnny Cueto
79 Yoenis Cespedes RC

     1 Base Minis Black-Bordered (1:10)
255 Dayan Viciedo

     1 Man's Best Friend (1:5)
MBF-1 Siberian Husky

     1 World's Greatest Military Leaders (1:5)
ML-14 Duke of Wellington

    Overall nothing too special in the Blaster Pack.  I don't think I will try to complete the base set so there is really no reason to keep buying packs.  All the cards are up for trade just send me an e-mail at  Thanks!