Friday, November 2, 2012

4 Packs of 2012 Allen & Ginter's

     The Wifey and I went to the LCS's Trade Night.  I thought this might be a great opportunity for me to get the last 20 singles or so for my 2012 Topps base set.  Boy was I wrong!  These guys were on another level.  I was looking for commons to complete my set and everybody there was showing off their autographed, serial numbered relics.  Needless to say I did not complete my set but I was talked into getting a few packs of Allen & Ginter.  Here were the results...

     22 Base Cards
15 Joel Hanrahan
20 Miguel Montero
40 Jimmy Rollins
52 Cameron Maybin
63 Zach Britton
76 Michael Bourn
95 Felix Hernandez
100 Troy Tulowitzki
103 Alexi Ogando
166 Ervin Santana
176 Babe Ruth

181 Joe DiMaggio
190 Addison Reed RC
196 Lou Gehrig
210 Willie Mays

217 Brian Wilson
224 Adam Jones
239 Liam Hendriks RC
241 Andrew Bailey
249 Phil Hughes
261 Michael Taylor RC
268 Angel Pagan
    I like getting the Ruth, Mays, Gehrig, and DiMaggio.  It makes me feel like I'm opening a pack from the early days...

     2 Short Prints (1:2)
320 Jonathan Papelbon
339 Swin Cash

     2 What's in a Name (1:2) Uggggg...
WIN-4 Paul Konerko
WIN-19 David Wright
     I HATE these inserts....

     2 Murder of Willow Cove (1:8)
Jack Guttman
Trudy Givens

     1 Mini Short Print (1:13)
306 Ryan Howard

     2 Mini Ad Backs (1:5)
43 Josh Johnson
216 Corey Hart

     1 People of the Bible (1:5)
PB-6 Daniel

     Once again nothing too special.  I hope I get an autograph sometime...  All the cards are up for trade.  Thanks for looking!